Saturday, January 17, 2015

Aussie Curves: Swimwear

Last summer I lived across the road from the beach and was there nearly every day - snorkeling usually. Swimming is my thing. However, in July I moved house and I'm almost ashamed to say that I haven't been to the beach yet this summer, despite being only a 5 minute drive away! I've been to the pool quite a bit, but I usually go on my own. So please forgive my backyard swimwear posts, with stupid chickens who don't care that I'm trying to capture some glam. Also, since seeing these photos, I've decided that my boyfriend is going to have to go back to being my photographer because using the self-timer application just isn't giving me the crisp photo finish that I'm used to. I usually hate it when bloggers apologise for stuff in their photos, like: "sorry about the mess on the floor" - I just tend to think...well...CLEAN IT UP or just don't mention it all. Pretend it doesn't exist and then your readers are more likely too as well. But I really do want to acknowledge that I know these photos could be better. Hopefully you can look past it to seeing how cute this swimsuit is.

swimsuit SWIMSUITS FOR ALL (gifted) || sarong SEAFOLLY

I've gone for a bit of a pinup style, with the halter neck, polka dot and cute little skirt. It's navy blue  with pink polka dots, and very comfortable! It's called the Shore Club Cotton Candy Bandeau/Halter Swimdress, from Swimsuits For All.

I've blogged a lot about body confidence and swimwear in the past, but I wanted to add a few personal thoughts I've had lately. Last summer I felt pretty confident on the beach, something I had worked very hard to achieve. However, my body has changed since then and I've had to face old demons all over again. Taking off the sarong was not easy for me. Learning to value yourself - ALL OF YOURSELF - including your body - is such a lifelong process, isn't it? As Meagan Kerr said on her swimwear post, "you can’t sit there and worry about what other people might think of you – you just have to live your life. They don’t care if you miss out on swimming with your kids or splashing about with your friends… but you sure will." 

I really hope that this summer, I continue to not give a f**k.

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Monday, January 5, 2015

OOTD And A Belated Halloween Update

As a tall girl, I really appreciate a maxi dress or skirt that is nice and long and goes to the floor. I feel like I struck gold with this one.

It's just an ASOS Curve maxi dress with one shoulder - just a simple stretch jersey material that's very cool and comfortable to wear in the summer heat. It also comes in cobalt blue and is now on sale for only $27.

I really love that this dress could be dressed up or down. I actually wore this for halloween this year - a perfect base for my Cleopatra costume. 

I really wish I had more Halloween photos to show you, but I'm that person who always gets drunk, forgets to take photos, and then has to screenshot whatever everyone else puts on social media. Actually, it's one of my goals this year to take more photos during parties! It really was an epic party though! I hosted it at my house with my sister and the zombie bride. Here's some shots of the food we made for the occasion, including brain punch, mummy sausage rolls and graveyard custard!

We also carved pumpkins and placed them at the front door.

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Friday, November 21, 2014

Where I Find My ASOS Codes

If you were to bump into me in the street, this is probably what I'd be wearing. I'm practically living in this dress at the moment. I wear it to school, out on town, shopping - you name it. On a cooler day last month I wore it with leggings and a furry black cardigan and felt amazing. 

I love that it's got that comfortable, flowy, jersey dress front, but then the PU sleeves come in and give it an edgy look that's quite alternative.

The brand of the dress is Club L, but I purchased it on ASOS. It also comes in grey and leopard print. I was hesitant with the sizing, so I asked the Aussie Curves ladies if they'd had experience with the brand. Three people said to size up, so while I'd usually order a 22 in this kind of dress, I bought a size 24 in the red and a size 26 in the grey. The 24 is perfect, but the 26 is probably a tad too big, although I still wear it on occasion!

ASOS have had some great sales lately so I've been picking up a few extra things, including the perfect dress for Christmas day! A girl on the Aussie Curves page, the day after the sale ended, asked if anyone had any ASOS codes because there was a dress she desperately wanted. If you ever need a code, check out this site. And if there's codes going for ASOS, they will be listed here.

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Monday, November 10, 2014

OOTD: City Chic Aztec Dress

For Halloween this year I dressed up as Cleopatra. I didn't get many photos of my costume but I'll do a Halloween post soon anyway! In this outfit I'm wearing the gold bracelet cuffs I bought specifically for the Cleopatra ensemble but totally fell in love with. They're just cheapies from Colette, but are just the right touch for this City Chic Aztec resort dress (sold out, but similar here). This dress was love at first sight. I love the colours, but my favourite thing is the adorable pick-up/bubble hem that gives the whole thing a fun, flirty feel, especially when the wind picked up a bit here, haha!

I bought the shoes from Joanne Mercer a few years ago, and the green is the perfect match. I absolutely love how this dress makes me feel. So comfortable and summery, and yet glamorous!

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