Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Wine, sun & a new dress

Just a quick one today. I picked up this dress in the City Chic sales in January and it's just darling. The perfect outfit for day trip through McLaren Vale and the Adelaide Hills. Many wines were tasted. I love South Australia. 

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Is that pot on your dress, Miss?

As I sit here with my cup of tea, fingers poised over the keyboard, I think to myself, "Gosh, I really do miss blogging!" I haven't photographed any outfits in months, but I really felt like posting something today. So I had a look through iPhoto and found these pics which I hadn't used yet. It really is quite fitting, because lately this leafy New Look tunic (via ASOS Curve) is all I've been wearing. It's only in the last two weeks when the heat has been unbearable and the thought of wearing leggings is inconceivable that it's had a little break. I really wish that I'd taken the jacket off for a few shots so that you could see the little cap sleeves. Maybe I'm losing my touch?

This jacket is an oldie but a goodie. Real leather, purchased from the standard ASOS range a few years ago (size 18). It's still one of my favourite things in the world. I did want to also mention the size 11 tan boots here, which I bought from Autograph in the winter and I've practically lived in. So comfortable and easy to wear. I really, really like the shoes from Autograph!

I wore this outfit to work recently and some of my students asked if I had weed on my shirt. I explained, in some detail, the difference between palm and marijuana leaves. "Plus, do you really think wearing a top covered in weed would be a responsible choice for a teacher?" 

I'm off work for January, so I'm excited to have some relaxing days ahead. Hopefully lots of swimming. I have a lot of school work to do as well, so that will need to be a priority (teachers may get a lot of holidays, but there's always so much to do!). Lately my days have pretty lazy, sitting around in horrid maxi dresses, teeth unbrushed and checking Facebook every two minutes. Relaxing, but about as unproductive as you can be. I've also seen The Force Awakens twice (so in love!) and watched this amazing ten-hour Netflix documentary called Making A Murderer. As I said - lazy days! 

Now to sign off so that I can prepare my house for a New Years Eve party here tonight. Think lasagna, booze, Disney Singstar and Cards Against Humanity. Should be a fun night. Oh and did I mention it was 39 degrees Celcius (102 Fahrenheit) in Adelaide today? Yeah. Yuck. Hope your New Years is cooler!

Lots of love and a happy new year to you,

Friday, September 4, 2015

A Pop Of Colour

I thought I'd pop onto my blog today to write a post because I have some outfit photos that I haven't written about yet, and I suddenly realised how long it's been since I did this. I'm sitting at the table with some crackers and pate, contemplating a cup of tea, and I actually feel nervous. Will I remember how to do this? It's a little hard to explain why I've neglected my blog because there's a few factors involved. But mainly it's because it's harder during winter when there's no daylight saving. Also, I've become more shy with taking photos in public places, but I'm sick of my backyard as the backdrop. Perhaps the most honest reason is that my fashion choices are more conservative these days, or just plain lazy and convenient - and therefore boring! Having said that, I do have some bloody awesome pieces that are yet to be blogged. I have some big non-fashion news to share too, so I'll make sure I take some time to do some catch up posts.

I've been excited to blog this particular outfit because this skirt from Missguided is so damn awesome. It's a pencil skirt, but the red tartan fabric belt is attached, which means I can feel a bit more comfortable about my VBO (visable belly outline) - not something I have amazing confidence about. 

The long cardigan is from City Chic and the plain black tee from ASOS. All together, the outfit is very 90s, which I kind of love, and the red belt gives it just the right pop of colour. 

I love a lot of the clothes on Missguided, so it's a shame they don't have a larger plus size range, or a quicker turnover of new stock. They seem to keep outfits up for ages, even though they are sold out in all but one size. I also found their website very difficult to navigate on Firefox for some reason. I had to use Safari to finally checkout. But that might just be issues with my browser version, perhaps. I have to say, I love the sizing though. Quite generous - probably on par with the ASOS Curve brand.

What has been your experience with Missguided?

Thanks for reading! x

Monday, June 1, 2015

Aussie Curves: Black

I have to admit that most of my clothes come from City Chic or ASOS, so I'm excited about writing this blog post because I've been branching out a little and have tried some other online brands. You may be wondering why I haven't been blogging very often lately. Well, I usually photograph my outfits on the weekends for my blog, but over the last few months my "weekend" wardrobe has become all about comfort and I haven't been trying out many outfits I'm afraid. It's all been a bit boring. I'm excited to get back on the saddle again and show off some of the outfits I've been wearing to work and on the occasional night out. If you're a regular on the blog, you may remember that I am a freelance DJ, and now that wedding season is over, I'm finally getting more weekends off. I had a night out in town two weeks ago - the first one in six months I reckon - and I went to an Oasis vs Blur indie night. It was so thrilling to be able to do that again. These days I get really excited about Saturday nights in, but just occasionally I really crave the nightlife again. I'm not sure why I'm bringing this up, since I'm not actually blogging the outfit I wore out that night in this post!

What I AM wearing is a lot of black, in keeping with this week's Aussie Curve's theme. 

crop top || GISELA RAMIREZ
coat || IZABEL LONDON (gifted) find it here

I realise I prefer the coat unbuttoned on me. I love how the sleeves are 3/4 length so it's quite freeing. It's also very lightweight. It's from Izabel London, based in the UK. They have started posting to Australia and have a plus size range of around 200 items. The style of these items reminds me a bit of TS here in Australia, with some more structured items thrown in. Their coats and knitwear are pretty impressive at the moment. This is my first item from Izabel and I've got my eye on a few other things too. However, I found their sizing chart a bit misleading. My recommendation is to go with your regular size, not necessarily the sizing chart. I went by the sizing chart, and thought I'd need to order  two sizes up from my regular size, and found their items swimming on me.

The second brand I tried for the first time, inspired by a post by Suger Coat It, was Missguided. I had some difficulties with signing up and processing payment on several different occasions and just about gave up. However, I persevered and found that by using Safari rather than Firefox, I was able to navigate the website without any hitches. I bought two skirts and a t-shirt, which both fitted me perfectly and were so much better than the pictures implied. I loved the quality and fit of the items. Missguided have more alternative styles which I tend to gravitate towards. I should also mention that I got those three items for $60, free shipping - and the package arrived within a week from Manchester. An absolute bargain for items I've been practically living in!

Thanks for reading! x
Modish Maracas